Writing an Argumentative

Tips for Writing an Argumentative Essay

The goal of this essay is to research the subject and sway your audience in their opinion about your work’s topic. Before creating this manuscript, you need to find good hints on writing an argumentative essay outline. We’ve gathered all the needed tips for writing an argumentative essay to help you in creating a great paper to impress readers.

A Structure for an Argumentative Essay

If to cut this essay into simple parts, there should be four main sections of its outline:

  1. Introduction part
  2. Developing your argument
  3. Disproving opponents’ argument
  4. Conclusion part

Of course, each of these sections contains a lot of elements. Let’s see how each of your work’s parts should be written. Discover the main steps to writing an argumentative essay right now!

Part 1: Introduction

Grab your readers’ attention. Think up a bright beginning, so they couldn’t just stop after reading the first sentence of your paper. Provide readers with a background. Just offer some detailed information about the essay’s topic to explain to people why the problem of your work is so important. Write a thesis statement. This is a place where you state your opinion about the problem.

Part 2: Developing of Your Argument

What is the second step in writing an argumentative essay? You need to develop your argument! Start writing your claims supported by evidence. A claim is a statement that supports an argument. Feel free to write two, three, or more claims. Remember that each claim must be provided with strong evidence. Evidence couldn’t be taken from someone’s life or experience, you must use many reliable sources to find it.

Part 3: Disproving Opponents’ Argument

Please be attentive – it’s quite an important section of your manuscript. Here you put your opponents’ opinion, and then you must refute it. Remember that you need to use hard evidence for it; if you’d fail this mission, your essay wouldn’t be argumentative. When you wrote everything down and finished with refuting the opponents’ argument, it’s time to move to the last part of the essay.

Part 4: Conclusion

When you’re writing a conclusion for an argumentative essay, in this section you must answer two important questions:

  1. Why the problem in the paper is so important?
  2. What would happen if your argument is fulfilled/ or no?

Argumentative Essay: High School Requirements

When you’re writing an argumentative essay, first of all, read your teacher’s requirements. If you’re provided with topics, then you can choose the one and start to create an outline. But if you need to brainstorm your subject, then you will spend much more time to think up an interesting topic. Better not choose a narrow or very general topic, try to be more specific.

You can choose from next arguable subjects: gender issues, feminism, obesity, drinking problems, modern technology, organic products, serial murder, child obesity, etc.

Remember that the subject must be arguable. Put your opinion and other people’s opinions, and then to refute the opponents’ argument. It’s the main goal of this paper, which is not so easy to reach.

Create your college argumentative essay with our tips and only after this start writing each part of your work. You shouldn’t write in the same order; it’s much easier to write the introduction and the conclusion at the end, but start with your claims, evidence and refuting the opponents’ opinions.

Your professor or teacher usually requires your essay written in a particular format: APA or MLA. These are two writing formats with specific rules you have to read, remember and fulfill.

MLA Argumentative Essay 

This format doesn’t require a title page in your manuscript. You must use a12-point font (Times New Roman is recommended, but you can use different). Please use 1-inch margins all round and double-spacing. Your work must have the upper right header with your last name and number of the page. If you use any citation in your paper, you should start with the last name of the author and specify the page number that contains the used quote.

APA argumentative Essay 

APA format requires using a 12-point font (here Times New Roman is also preferable). Type your essay  double-spaced, on paper with 1-inch margins all around. Each page of the document must have a running head (header) at the top. A header should contain a title written with capital letters. Keep in your memory the header must be shorter than 50 characters, including punctuation and spacing.

The Final Checking

After you have finished your paper, don’t forget to proofread and correct your work to avoid grammar and logical errors. Don’t be in a rush, just take a step back and take a break for at least several hours, or even better for one-two days. This will help you to rest, and you will look at your work with refreshed eyes. Revise your work and correct all grammar errors, it’s important to make your paper look professional. People would never read the essay written with grammar errors, that’s why you need to spend a lot of time to improve your work. You may use a vocabulary and online grammar checking programs.

Argumentative Essay: Help from Experts

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