Writing a Persuasive Essay

Writing a Persuasive Essay Easily

Before you start writing a good persuasive essay, you have to structure it properly. A good essay should have several paragraphs connected logically. Use this structure for your persuasive essay writing to create a well-organized paper that will be easily understandable by readers.

  • Introduction – the main goal of this paragraph is to state the claim and explain to the reader what you are going to argue about in your paper. Use the following rules for writing an introduction for a persuasive essay:
    • present the subject of your work to the audience;
    • make a hook to grab the reader’s attention;
    • provide your audience with some background information about the topic;
    • state the claim at the end of this part.
  • A body part – this is the main part of your work where you have to persuade your readers to adopt your idea. Use the next tips to make this part successful:
    • divide this part into several connected paragraphs, including supporting evidence paragraphs and counterargument paragraphs where you will persuade your readers to adopt your opinion;
    • use strong evidence to support your argument.
  • Conclusion – it is the last part of your essay, where you need to sum up everything and show the importance of your work. Here are some ideas on how to make a great conclusion:
    • restate your claim you brought in the introduction;
    • show the significance of your claim;
    • use concrete language, don’t leave your readers with a thought that your argument was unsure.

Tips for Writing a Persuasive Essay Outline

As we already mentioned before, your paper should be well-structured, so readers will understand it much better and follow the flow easier. We provided you with some ideas about the structure, but writing a persuasive essay outline is also very important to make a successful paper. Some people think this is a waste of time, and it’s much easier and faster to create a work without any outline. They are wrong because the quality of such paper will be quite low. For example, if you got lost in the forest, you would prefer to use a map to escape, or just run chaotically from one place to another without any logic? We bet you’d choose a map! So, the same is with an outline – you need it to build a logical and interesting work where you know exactly how you have to start and where you must come at the end.

Follow these simple rules if you are interested in how to write a persuasive essay outline easily and fast:

  • Write a draft of your outline according to the paper’s structure;
  • Feel free to rewrite the outline to improve it, until you feel it’s good enough to start writing your essay;
  • Write down all the important ideas, so you won’t forget or lose anything.

Steps to Writing a Persuasive Essay

Writing any sort of paper is a difficult task, especially when you have not got a lot of experience. We want to share a checklist for writing a persuasive essay that will be very helpful to authors with a small experience to create a great manuscript.

  1. Choose a bright and interesting topic to write about. Select your position and clearly define your opinion on this thing.
  2. Define your future readers, think about their views, try to understand their perspectives and if it will be possible to convince them in the chosen subject.
  3. Make deep research on your topic. Try to find a lot of information from various sources. Think about different opinions about the subject and find as many as possible supporting evidence.
  4. Create a detailed outline for your future paper. You should make not more than 5 – 6 paragraphs that will be strongly connected.
  5. Make a draft copy of your essay according to the outline. Remember that you have to state your position clearly at the very beginning and put it through the entire paper.
  6. Revise your essay, and rewrite some parts, if needed. Make sure you put enough supportive evidence to prove your argument.
  7. Put your essay out for at least several hours, and then re-read it carefully and edit your work. It’s also possible to ask your friend or colleague to read the paper and tell their opinion about it.
  8. If you are still not sure how to write a strong manuscript, keep reading our article and find more useful ideas.

We hope these lesson plans for writing a persuasive essay were useful and you have created a successful document without difficulties. If you need help in making a strong paper, contact a well-known writing team to fulfill the job for you.